If you want to put on pounds of lean muscle and have unbelievable gains in strength, there is a legal alternative; Prohormones. There are many types of prohormones on the market and just like anything, some are better than others. Here at platinum muscle, we sell nothing but tried and tested pro hormones.

Pro hormones are available in one, two or three compounds. Figuring out what prohromone is right for you will depend on both your level of fitness and what your goals are. Different pro hormones and pro hormone compounds do very different things. Here at Platinum Muscle, we have a product to fit everyone’s individual need.

The three main differentiations in pro hormones are the following:

1) Mass & Bulking – Meant for people who want to build bulky mass. Typically those with lower body fat (BMI) percentages and want to put on as much size as possible.
2) Lean Mass – Meant for people that want to put on a lot of size and still keep the size lean.
3) Lean Mass & Cutting – Meant for people that want to put on a lot of size and still keep the size lean, while burning body fat.

**Note: All prohormones will reduce body fat to some degree. Some more than others.

There are many different compound combinations in different doses to obtain the above goals. If you are unsure of which pro hormone will fit your need, give us a call and we’ll guide you in the right direction. We thrive off of repeat business. We know if you get a product that produces results, we’ll have a customer for life!

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